Friday, July 17, 2015

Song #4 Revolution and Song #10 Revolution (Acoustic)

Songs #4 "Revolution" & #10 "Revolution (Acoustic)" from XONE - The Emperor's Dream are the same song in two variations. Song #3 is a fast modern sound, while Song #10 is a slow acoustic ballad.I was inspired to write this song, by the young people who filled Tahrir Square in Cairo Egypt in 2011, and toppled a brutal regime with their sheer will. I was blown away not just by their victory, but how they transcended the influences of the Muslim Brotherhood, and other extremists. These young, educated, free-thinking men and women of Egypt are an awesome group of people, and these songs are for them!

Westerners tend to see so many examples of arabs or muslims in this world doing terrible and ignorant things in the name of their religion or cause, that many get to the point where you lose all faith in people of the middle east. That's a big reason why I was so impressed when the Arab Spring erupted on January 25th, 2011. I watched as young Egyptians began to save their own world and try to make it a better one.

It all began with a You Tube video by a 26 year old Egyptian woman named Asmaa Mahfouz. She called out for all those who would join her to meet at Tahrir Square to protest for the end of the brutral dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. Miss Mahfouz especially challenged the "toughness" of Egyptian men, and asked them to stand with their women to end the brutality. Egyptians answered her call in HUGE numbers. They soon filled Tahrir Square and would not be moved, despite some brutal treatment by police.

It wasn't an Islamic Revolution though. It was actually a call for democracy by and entire generation of intelligent, educated, free-thinking young people who called for all of the people to stand up and rally to the cause of Egypt! And it worked! They forced Mubarak to give up power.

I am truly inspired by these young Egyptians. People like Ahmed Hassan and Khalid Abdallah, who I witnessed in the 2013 documentary The Square. These two young men are dedicated to a free Egypt, where free thinking is available to every citizen. They reminded us that they are the descendents of the people of the Pharoahs, and that they are capable of great things. They can transcend the pressure of ideology, and rise to that greatness again.

I believe in you, Egypt!

Welcome to the Revolution!

Get Revolution and Revolution (Acoustic) on XONE's latest album: The Emperor's Dream
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UPDATE: The youth of Egypt continue to struggle against the new regime installed by Egyptian ex-General Sissi, who won a "fair election", and is now "President" of Egypt. The people are not free. They are still repressed by a military government.

Egypt needs a government for the people, and by the people,
free from interference from the military or religious idealists.

The smart and open-minded youth of Egypt will rise...

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Song #2: Wrestling For President: Arnold & Jessie in the White House!!!

Wrestling For President is a comedy song about our love of celebrities and how it could lead to certain actors being elected President and Vice-President. We've seen an actor elected President before: Ronald Reagan. So I wondered what would it be like if we elected two former Governors as President/Vice-President: Arnold Schwarzenegger, with running mate Jesse Ventura!

Wrestling For President starts out like a normal song, but 1/3 of the way through, we get to hear the acceptance speeches of Arnold and Jesse following a theoretical win.

Here's bit of the transcript of their speech:

Arnold: "When I first came to this country I never dreamed that the American people would change the Constitution to allow a foreign born Action Movie Superstar like myself to become the President of the most powerful Nation in the world with the entire U.S. Armed Forces, with The Army, The Navy, Marines, The Airforce, Coast Guard, and things of this nature..."

Jesse: "That's what's great about America, Arnold. America loves a HERO. We proved that first in Minnestota, where I got elected merely by the extremely unique masculine tone of my voice."

Hear the rest of the track "Wrestling For President" on the album XONE - The Emperor's Dream available

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Friday, March 6, 2015

Song #1: Techno Viking!

The Techno Viking was a man who came to fame in a 2007 viral video that swept across the internet. The video, shot in 2000 at a Techno Parade in Berlin, Germany, shows a chilvalrous, blond, muscular man who comes to the defense of a girl who gets mauled by a drunken parade walker. The Chivalrous young man, dubbed the Techno Viking, then proceeds to dance to the pumping music of the parade.

The amateur video went viral in 2007,
and by 2013 had over 16 million views.
All attempts to find the Techno Viking led to nowhere.

Finally the Techno Viking resurfaced in 2013.
But instead of embracing the worldwide love for his honorable nature,
he shunned his Meme, and filed suit against the artist/cameraman who shot it.
And the Techno Viking won his case to the tune of $10,000 in damages!

Techno Viking, you are being foolish.
The world honestly loved you for who you are,
and you shunned that love. Why?

I think it was a huge mistake,
You are missing the point.
The point is that the world loved you for that video,
so Techno Viking: "IT IS TIME TO EMBRACE YOUR MEME!!!!!!"

The world loves when you point to that guy to sit down,
and the world wishes it could dance as awesome as you do!!
You gotta love it, Baby!!
Look at how many people across the world did their own versions!

Hear Techno Viking on:

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Friday, February 20, 2015

XONE - The Emperor's Dream - Album Release!!!!

XONE - The Emperor's Dream is finally here!!!! This album took one and a half years to make from beginning to end. Get the album now at Itunes, Amazon MP3, and Google Play!

This album took one and a half years to produce, and it was a lot fun to make. Most of the material was written and recorded between 2013-2014 at my studio in San Pedro, except for Disintegration and The Mastermind which were written and produced in 2008. I played/arranged everything myself, except for female backing vocals by Allison and Sarah Austin, and the lead violin on Disintegration by Shawna Kuhns. On The Mastermind, the Bass was played by Ted Heming, and the Drums by Gino DiLeva

I'll be posting more about the new Album in the coming weeks,
but for now,
Back Cover:

Copyright 2015 - THRAEXX Studios

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Saturday, July 5, 2014


Understanding EQ and how to adjust it properly is a very important skill to have if you are recording your own music. Adjusting EQ is how you get instruments and vocals to sit together perfectly in a mix. By applying separate EQ to the tracks you want to affect, you can get everyone to sit perfectly together sonically. This is the next chapter of the EQ XONE.

 The best way to save RAM in your DAW, and yet, get your tracks EQ-ed as needed, is to assign your tracks to different busses (ie: Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums, etc...). Then apply the actual EQ VST to the buses, and adjust each bus EQ for their particular area of tone. Some tracks, like the Kick Drum and Snare, just require their own EQ, and you'll have to put the VST on the actual track. For instance, the Kick gets a slight boost at 50hz.

Back to Bus EQ. You will need a good Multi-Band, Parametric EQ. This will allow you to affect finite bands of EQ in order to bring out the tones you want to enhance on each bus. Obviously, what frequencies you choose will be decided by your ears. But be careful, it is very easy to make everything sound bad too. So do some research, and let your ears to be the judge. Here is a great EQ chart to give some definitions to the different bands of EQ.

Stay Tuned for Part 3

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A little something til the new XONE CD comes out!

It's just a little bit longer til the new XONE CD is released,
so here's a little something to listen to til then.
It's THRAEXX, my last project.
Andrew Soto and I teamed up to create this 6 song album,
and we spent a year and a half working on it.
It was a ton of fun and we love the results.
For now, you can download it for FREE

Hope you like it,
and hope you are excited about a new XONE CD for 2014!

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