Tuesday, April 4, 2017

See the new video "Do You Hear What I'm Saying" at You Tube!

Ready for some Comedy for Comedy's sake? Here's the latest video from XONE for the song "Do You Hear What I'm Saying" featuring a celebrity impression of Jesse Ventura!

From the album XONE - Maxxed Out At Full Capacity available at Itunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Spotify

Friday, March 10, 2017

Hear the new Single "In The Darkness" at ReverbNation.com!!

Hear the new single "In The Darkness" at ReverbNation.com !!!

Off XONE's 2016 album: Maxxed Out at Full Capacity
available at Itunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Spotify

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hear the new XONE single "When What Is Won Is Lost" at Reverb Nation!

Give a listen to the new single from XONE: When What Is Won Is Lost at Reverb Nation!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Way To Tweak AWESOME TONE From Your Line 6 Vetta!!! (Part 3)

Still using your Line 6 Vetta 2 Amp? So am I!!!
My Vetta, version 2.5, is still sounding HUGE in 2017,
still doing an excellent job as a great live rig!!!

And I still use LINE 6 EDIT to make every single custom tone!!!

The Vetta is such a great GUITAR AMP for having the complete palette of tones,
that can be switched in an instant, with a foot click.

And the BEST way to get AWESOME TONE out of the Vetta
is to exclusively use Line 6 Edit to craft perfect tones that fit your unique rig.

I'm currently working on a secret project that requires me to use a live guitar amp,
so the Vetta has been utilized on a regular basis for the last year.
I crafted the guitar patches for this song in the usual fashion.

I don't use any Cab Models at all, since I'm usually running my Vetta through a Marshall 4x12 with GT12T75 speakers, and it colors the amp models nicely.

I did however have a light wrinkle I had to iron out.
Because I'm rehearsing live in a small studio, I'm going through the PA rather than my Marshall 4x12. To compensate for this change, I had to adjust the Bass setting on my patches a bit, from 20% up to 30%

I run two Mogami XLR cables from the Vetta to the Board, and the AIR is set to Global: U-67 Mic.

I'm really enjoying creating new Guitar Patches, utilizing two blended amp models, to create HUGE tones for this new project with the Line 6 Vetta!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

See the new Video for "Maxxed Out At Full Capacity"!!!

See the new video for the song "Maxxed Out At Full Capacity" from the XONE album of the same name, available at itunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Spotify

 Maxxed Out At Full Capacity

Title track from XONE's new album "Maxxed Out At Full Capacity", available at itunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Spotify

The song is about how exciting the NHL is today!
Hockey is the best team sport on the planet,
and today's stars in the NHL are better than ever!

The game is growing fast, even in non-traditional markets.

Here, in Los Angeles, the Kings used to have trouble selling out the old Forum for games, but now at the Staples Center, they are "maxxed out at full capacity"!!!

NHL Hockey Rules!!!
If you aren't watching, you are missing out!

Maxxed Out At Full Capacity

Friday, October 7, 2016

Download the song "MORE" for FREE!!!

You can download the new song MORE from the XONE Reverb Nation site!