Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Line 6 XONE

One of the biggest elements of what makes XONE sound like it does is the key use of Line 6 gear to give our instruments that exact XONE tone. Our Line 6 gear allows us to exactly EQ original tones on both Guitar and Bass that seamlessly fit together in a powerful wall of sound.

Will jumped into Line 6's technology in March 2003 when he purchased his Vetta HD guitar amplifier. The Vetta allows users to sample from 70+ models of the greatest guitar amplifiers ever made with the ability to use two amp models at once. It is the equivalent of having two 150 Watt amp heads on top of two 4x12 speaker cabinets on the stage at the same time. Will currently runs his Vetta HD into a Marshall 1960A 4x12 speaker cabinet. Will uses two Ibanez RG1570 guitars to feed a very neutral tone from the guitar into the Vetta. The Vetta then does all the tonal work to create the guitar parts distinctive sounds.

With the Vetta, one can even create blended tones that sound totally original. That's why Will bought the Vetta. He wanted to craft his own tones for XONE's original music, rather than having the three tones available on most amps. The Vetta also allows for a multitude of effects to be added to one's tone most anywhere in the signal chain. This allows every patch created in the Vetta to be decidedly different and new. The Vetta also hooks directly up to a computer via Midi Interface, and Will regularly stays behind in the XONE rehearsal room to tweak new Vetta patches on his laptop from across the room. Every parameter is controlled in real-time with the patch editor program Line 6 Edit, which is free from Line 6. The patch is tweaked using the laptop's mouse, and the finished patch is saved on the computer's hard drive and the Vetta. This allows for complete customization of the Vetta's patch banks, even allowing for Setlists to be programmed into the exact order in the Set in the Vetta. What other amp out there can boast such features?

Stay tuned for more on XONE's distinctive use of Line 6 gear such as the Vetta and the Bass POD XT Pro...

Saturday, January 27, 2007

A New Era in Progressive Metal

If you've met a XONE fan, or are one, you know how passionate Will, Ted and Jason are about creating the best sounding aggressive, expressive and intelligent metal designed to appeal to hardcore technical progsters and the casual metal listener alike.

What you may not know, even as a dedicated XONE fanatic (and we know you are), is the behind the scenes labor of love that occurs every week as XONE literally spends hundreds of hours intently practicing and perfecting old favorites, creating new master pieces, recording new albums, promoting and marketing, and preparing for our next jaw dropping show that will change your life forever.

Some may say we're obsessed (we agree), some believe that we practice too hard (we sure do) and some cannot believe the thousands of hours that go into recording a typical XONE album (neither can we), but we'd like to share with you these experiences and more in our on-going effort to create the most soulful and passionate metal ever.

So get ready to hang on. And welcome to the XONE.