Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Way To Tweak AWESOME TONE From The Line 6 Vetta (Part 4): The Vetta Combo XONE!!!!

I'm still using my Line 6 Vetta HD (Ver2.50) that I originally purchased in 2003!! It's currently full of custom patches for the 42 songs in my band's live set. I'm still loving how it sounds after all these years, and to make sure that I had a comparable backup for playing gigs again, I bought a used Line 6 Vetta Combo for a way low price!! It is in amazing shape too.

I painted the corners and the logo/handle of the Combo to black, like I did on my Vetta HD.

The Vetta Combo came with Ver2.03 Firmware loaded.

So I immediately went to the awesome Line 6 Vetta Reddit Group website, where these awesome guys have made available all the Vetta HD and Combo Firmware versions as well as, Model Defaults, and Factory Bank files readily available for download, and then upload into your Vetta.

Check out their Vetta Firmware Install Instructions. I followed them to the letter and it worked perfectly the first time. The Vetta Combo was now up to Ver2.50.

I loaded My Vetta HD's custom Factory and User Banks into the Vetta Combo with Line 6 Edit. I also changed all the patches for the Combo to use the G12T75 (4x12 Brit T75) Speaker Cab model, since I run my Vetta HD, with no Cab Model, through my Marshall 1960A 4x12 Cab (with G12T75 Speakers).

I set all the System Settings, and Output Settings to match my Vetta HD, then I connected my FBV Longboard, and connected my Ibanez RGD2120Z Guitar. It totally matched the tone of my Vetta HD Rig, as I played through the whole 42 songs set!!

One small issue did remain.
When I restarted the Vetta, none of the System, or Output Settings stayed where I had set them. This meant that the internal CR2430 lithium battery needed to be replaced

Once again, The Line 6 Vetta Reddit Group saved the day!
I followed their superb Vetta Battery Replacement Guide to the letter.

First I took the Vetta Combo apart, and I took pictures every step of the way so I could reconnect everything correctly. I wore latex gloves the whole time.

I unhooked the Combo's Speakers.
Then I loosened the 2 main handle screws, the 2 forward head screws, and the 5 small allen wrench screws along the back of the amp. Then the two amp chassis parts came apart.
Here are the 3 main wires that connect the two parts of the Vetta's amp chassis.

The Green Wire

The White Ribbon Cable

The White Wire

I unhooked the cables and separated the chassis
After successfully taking the amp apart, putting it back together, and then re-starting up the amp successfully,
I was ready to tackle the actual battery replacement

I took the chassis apart again,
and removed the smaller White Ribbon Wire attached to the middle of the circuit board.

The Small White Ribbon Wire

I then removed the whole board with the battery on it.

I cut away the silicon around the battery with an xacto knife. I put the board on its side, and saw the 3 holes where the battery is soldered to the board from underneath

To get the Battery out of the board, I heated the holes from the bottom with a Weller 8200, pulling the legs out as the solder heated to liquid. All three came out very easy, and the battery was free.

I had to bend the 3 legs of the new Mouser 3-Pin Battery to fit all 3 holes at once.

I put the board back on its side, holding the new battery in place.

As I heated each hole, I pushed the battery leg into the hole, as the solder liquified.
I held the battery in place until it cooled.

The battery didn't go completely flush, but the legs went all the way through the holes. I then added new solder to each hole on the bottom, and then the two back legs on top to keep the battery solid and in place.

Here's the old battery next to the new battery

I put the whole thing back together, reconnected everything.
Then I plugged the Vetta Combo in, and flipped the On Switch.

The Vetta Combo fired right up in ver2.50, with all my patches still intact. I set the System and Output Settings to the same as my Vetta HD. Saved a user patch just to be sure.

Then I turned the amp off, waited ten seconds, and turned it back on.
All of my Vetta HD settings were still in the amp!!!!
The battery replacement worked perfectly!!

Vetta Users, at some point, the internal CR2430 Battery in your Line 6 Vetta is going to need replacing. I am not an expert in electronic wiring, or a solder master, but I was able to give my Vetta Combo another 10 years of life (at least), and I know I can do it again!!

Next, I'm going to replace the battery in my Vetta HD.

With upcoming shows, I need my Vettas ready to go,
and battery replacement is the way to be sure.

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XONE is at ReverbNation!

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XONE is now at SOUNDCLOUD!!!

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