Saturday, July 5, 2014


Understanding EQ and how to adjust it properly is a very important skill to have if you are recording your own music. Adjusting EQ is how you get instruments and vocals to sit together perfectly in a mix. By applying separate EQ to the tracks you want to affect, you can get everyone to sit perfectly together sonically. This is the next chapter of the EQ XONE.

 The best way to save RAM in your DAW, and yet, get your tracks EQ-ed as needed, is to assign your tracks to different busses (ie: Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums, etc...). Then apply the actual EQ VST to the buses, and adjust each bus EQ for their particular area of tone. Some tracks, like the Kick Drum and Snare, just require their own EQ, and you'll have to put the VST on the actual track. For instance, the Kick gets a slight boost at 50hz.

Back to Bus EQ. You will need a good Multi-Band, Parametric EQ. This will allow you to affect finite bands of EQ in order to bring out the tones you want to enhance on each bus. Obviously, what frequencies you choose will be decided by your ears. But be careful, it is very easy to make everything sound bad too. So do some research, and let your ears to be the judge. Here is a great EQ chart to give some definitions to the different bands of EQ.

Stay Tuned for Part 3

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A little something til the new XONE CD comes out!

It's just a little bit longer til the new XONE CD is released,
so here's a little something to listen to til then.
It's THRAEXX, my last project.
Andrew Soto and I teamed up to create this 6 song album,
and we spent a year and a half working on it.
It was a ton of fun and we love the results.
For now, you can download it for FREE

Hope you like it,
and hope you are excited about a new XONE CD for 2014!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The One Man Band XONE

After many incarnations and lineups,
I'm finally running XONE all by myself.
It's a taken a while to get here,
but now, I'm basically just recording,
and playing every instrument myself 
and it makes things really simple,
and is a lot of fun!