Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Way To Tweak AWESOME TONE From Your Line 6 Vetta!!! (Part 3)

Still using your Line 6 Vetta 2 Amp? So am I!!!
My Vetta, version 2.5, is still sounding HUGE in 2017,
still doing an excellent job as a great live rig!!!

And I still use LINE 6 EDIT to make every single custom tone!!!

The Vetta is such a great GUITAR AMP for having the complete palette of tones,
that can be switched in an instant, with a foot click.

And the BEST way to get AWESOME TONE out of the Vetta
is to exclusively use Line 6 Edit to craft perfect tones that fit your unique rig.

I'm currently working on a secret project that requires me to use a live guitar amp,
so the Vetta has been utilized on a regular basis for the last year.
I crafted the guitar patches for this song in the usual fashion.

I don't use any Cab Models at all, since I'm usually running my Vetta through a Marshall 4x12 with GT12T75 speakers, and it colors the amp models nicely.

I did however have a light wrinkle I had to iron out.
Because I'm rehearsing live in a small studio, I'm going through the PA rather than my Marshall 4x12. To compensate for this change, I had to adjust the Bass setting on my patches a bit, from 20% up to 30%

I run two Mogami XLR cables from the Vetta to the Board, and the AIR is set to Global: U-67 Mic.

I'm really enjoying creating new Guitar Patches, utilizing two blended amp models, to create HUGE tones for this new project with the Line 6 Vetta!!!!