Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Way To Tweak AWESOME TONE From Your Line 6 Vetta!!! (Part 3)

Still using your Line 6 Vetta 2 Amp? So am I!!!
My Vetta, version 2.5, is still sounding HUGE in 2017,
still doing an excellent job as a great live rig!!!

And I still use LINE 6 EDIT to make every single custom tone!!!

The Vetta is such a great GUITAR AMP for having the complete palette of tones,
that can be switched in an instant, with a foot click.

And the BEST way to get AWESOME TONE out of the Vetta
is to exclusively use Line 6 Edit to craft perfect tones that fit your unique rig.

I'm currently working on a secret project that requires me to use a live guitar amp,
so the Vetta has been utilized on a regular basis for the last year.
I crafted the guitar patches for this song in the usual fashion.

I don't use any Cab Models at all, since I'm usually running my Vetta through a Marshall 4x12 with GT12T75 speakers, and it colors the amp models nicely.

I did however have a light wrinkle I had to iron out.
Because I'm rehearsing live in a small studio, I'm going through the PA rather than my Marshall 4x12. To compensate for this change, I had to adjust the Bass setting on my patches a bit, from 20% up to 30%

I run two Mogami XLR cables from the Vetta to the Board, and the AIR is set to Global: U-67 Mic.

I'm really enjoying creating new Guitar Patches, utilizing two blended amp models, to create HUGE tones for this new project with the Line 6 Vetta!!!!


Jaysen St.Charles said...

Great articles on LINE 6 VETTA V2.5 AX3 HD tone editing! I purchased mine in January 2017,taking your advice right from the start, by editing with a laptop. It really is the only way to open the sound within this amazing product. Along with the Vetta user manual, I also acquired the Vetta repair and schematic manual, where the Vetta also had "AX3" as part of its product name. The "AX3" fell to the way side during the 1st hardware production roll out. I also own a LINE 6 - AX2 BLACK EMINENCE 212, so the VETTA V2.5 AX3 HD name makes total sense to me, as both products are total tone machines! Hope to hear more on your VETTA V2.5 HD experience!

Jaysen St.Charles - Thunder Bay ON Canada

XONE said...

You rock, Jaysen!! Keep rocking your Vetta!!!
very interesting about the AX3 name

Jaysen St.Charles said...

Hello! How are doing Mr.X•ONE? I'm wondering how your making out with your new project and plugging into the board? Have you made use of the effects loop in the Vetta? Well last week I purchased a LINE 6-POD X3 up here @ the International Border of Canada/USA and Minnesota/Ontario. A musician buddy of mine bought too much gear at a Music Go Round in Duluth Minnesota, plus didn't have enough cash on hand to pay Border-Duty-Taxes, in order to keep the gear he paid for! So he said he would leave LINE 6-POD X3 (bean) with the owner of a gas station and I wanted to make to 20 min drive to border, I could go pick up the POD, pay the Border Duty Tax and it would be mind. Well he didn't have to tell twice! Haha! The X3 OS is very similar to Vetta, same two amps at once features. Also this pre-owned POD X3 has been cared for like it was gold. So i've hooked up into the X3 into the Vetta's FX loop, just kinda fooling around. But... wow! What extra tool box to have. Took a few hours to to get it set up correctly, balanced the fx and match up both Vetta and POD X3 parameters. This POD had a full Metal Junkie packet loaded into it, Very cool tone sounds within it.

Well that's all for now, That's enough of me yakking away, haha!

Take Care Now,
Live Line 6 Vetta!

XONE said...

I love how you are using many Line 6 systems at once. The POD X3 is nice because it has all the bass amps too, and you can use two at a time to get some nice, original bass tones. Best thing about the POD X3 is that you can hook direct to the Board at shows! No need to carry a big amp or cab.

What sort of rig are you playing your Vetta with?
Guitar > Vetta > Cab


Jaysen St.Charles said...

I'm running the LINE 6 - VETTA HD with a LINE 6 - SPIDER III 412 box shell, installed with CELESTION - SEVENTY/80 speakers Made In Ipswich UK. & LINE 6 - VETTA 412 box shell, installed with the same CELESTION SEVENTY/80 SPEAKERS Made In Ipswich UK. I like the CELESTION SEVENTY/80 80w speaker for its flat response, which works perfect with solid state LINE 6 modeling amps.

Jaysen St.Charles said...

Right now, i'm also building a rig. I spent several weeks with LINE 6 - POD HD PRO, LINE 6 - POD HD PRO X & LINE 6 - POD X3 PRO Rackmount units. Testing all 3 rackmount PRO units inside and out. In the end i've purchased LINE 6 - POD X3 PRO Rackmount Unit. It gives me a operating system most close to VETTA HD. It's powered by PEAVEY - PV 2.6c PROFESSIONAL STEREO POWER AMPLIFIER Rackmount UNIT, 130w per side, sounds amazing. With the LINE 6 - POD X3 PRO built in EQ, Noisegate, Compression etc., I haven't had to add any other rack units to smooth out the tone, the LINE 6 - POD X3 PRO has the ability to complete these tasks within its self. Also, LINE 6 POD X3 PRO is a powerfull recording preamp, with so many great tools for overall production uses like a Modern Pro Console Board, Male/Female DeSsers, lots of vocal effects, like you mentioned before, great Bass patches also, just D.I. Straight into the LINE 6 - POD X3 PRO,hooking X3 PRO RACK UNIT Into your recording hardware/software. The LINE 6 - POD HD PRO & POD HD PRO X don't have these tools built in. While the HD PRO & HD PRO X do have some great amp patches, there wasn't something to completely blow me away and give up on LINE 6 - POD X3 PRO tool box. As a songwriter X3 PRO is must have kit! Even in 2018, second hand sales of the LINE 6 - POD X3 PRO RACK UNIT make it one of the most sought after units across the retail board,it's very much competitive, against all units by Roland~Boss, Avid~M•Audio etc., released each year since the LINE 6 - POD X3 PRO RACK UNIT first came out around the world. Along with the great software installed within the X3 PRO Hardware, you get access to the LINE 6 POD FARM 2.5 PLATINUM EDITION which still has great tools for recording built in. In its last firmware update enabled POD FARM to run on a 64Bit Windows OS Platform, this opens up the POD FARM software to a complete soundwave spectrum. A firmware update was done for Mac Users as well. LINE 6 POD FARM 2.5 PLATINUM has an easy transition into CAKEWALK SONAR & REASON Recording Software Systems. Very seamless and user friendly.

Jaysen St.Charles said...

Hello Will,
Do I remember correctly that you have or used to have a LINE 6 - FLEXTONE II USA 200 HD? The reason I ask is i'm going to pick one up for a couple hundred dollars. I want it as a back up head. I tested it the other weekend and was quite liking the user developed tones I came up with over 3 short days. All the articles i've read on them, state that they last forever, even taking road touring abuse. What is your opinion on this old LINE 6 Amplifier HD?

Thanks for your time Will,

Jaysen St.Charles said...
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