Tuesday, October 4, 2016

XONE - Maxxed Out At Full Capacity!! New Album Available!!!!

XONE's new album "Maxxed Out At Full Capacity" is finally here!!!!! The album is available for digital download from Itunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Spotify!!

"Maxxed Out At Full Capacity" was recorded over 12 months at THRAEXX Studios. I wanted to see if I could produce an album completely by myself. I play every instrument, and sing every vocal part. I also wanted to see if I could record it in a year. I was able to pull it off with the support of a lot of people. My family and friends rolled with my crazy schedule. I worked for 19 hours per day at the studio, twice a week for twelve months to record everything. Then I spent six months, editing, mixing and mastering, what I feel is my best work to date

I hope you will buy this album, give it a few listens, and tell me what you think!

You can download the song "MORE" for FREE

To make this album I used: Ibanez Guitars, ESP Basses, D'Addario Strings, Line 6, Marshall, Mackie, MOTU, GAP Microphones, TC Helicon, Sonar, Ozone

Get "Maxxed Out At Full Capacity" at itunes

Get "Maxxed Out At Full Capacity"at Amazon MP3

Get "Maxxed Out At Full Capacity" at Google Play

Soon to be available on CD

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